Wuthering Waves Will Soon Reach 30 Million Pre-Registrations

The upcoming open-world and action-based game Wuthering Waves has created a massive stir in the gaming world. It is scheduled for release on 22nd May 2024 and is available for pre-registration on the official website and app stores. While writing the article, the game was about to reach 25 Million pre-registrations. 

Over Reddit, players are saying that good advertisements and featuring in app stores should boost its visibility, thereby increasing the pre-registration number. However, some are commenting that reaching the 30 Million milestones is too ambitious. In all, it is expected that it can reach 30 Million pre-registrations ahead of its official release.

How Wuthering Waves Pre-Registration Rewards Helpful? 

The rewards will provide a helpful start to the players’ journey, so it is worth grabbing them as soon as possible. The Shell Credits are the primary in-game currency of Wuthering Waves used for purchasing items, while the Advanced Resonance Potion helps with XP. 

The 15-million reward, Astrite, will help you in exchanging pulls and the Sigils are the name cards that will show with the players’ names and icons on the menu. Pretty similar to Shell Credits, Lustrous Tide is the premium currency helping to pull from the characters and weapon banners. 

Pre-registration Milestones & Rewards

  • 5 Million Goal: 80, 000 Shell Credit (Reached)
  • 10 Million Goal: 10 Advanced Resonance Potion (Reached)
  • 15 Million Goal: 200 Astrite (Reached)
  • 20 Million Goal: 1 Sigil: En Route (Reached)
  • 30 Million Goal: 20 Lustrous Tide (Ongoing)

Surprisingly, the game has completed almost all milestones, leaving only the goal of reaching 30 Million. Besides the pre-registration, there is a special Follower Milestone with the goal of 5 Million followers on all platforms. 

Follower Milestone & Reward

  • 5 Million Goal: 1 Rangers’ Series Weapon of Choice. 

Note: The reward will be distributed through the in-game mail after the game’s release. 

However, if you haven’t yet pre-registered yourself for Wuthering, please visit here and learn more details. 

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