Wuthering Waves Release Date on Epic Games Store

Wuthering Waves, a multiplayer RPG, is set to release on the Epic Games Store in late 2024. The game offers a rich world, an amazing story, and fast-paced battles. Players will take on the role of Rover, a legendary warrior who is on a journey to save the world from an ancient evil.

Very little information has been revealed about the game so far, but from the information that has been revealed, it seems that this is going to be an epic adventure. The game will have a large open world that players can explore at will. 

Wuthering Waves Release Date on Epic Games Store

Wuthering Waves Release Date on Epic Games Store

Wuthering Waves was added to the Epic Games Store. The release date in the game’s listing was given as May 30, 2024. This listing was removed for unknown reasons, but Wuthering Waves may be released in 2024. There is also a possibility that the release date may be changed, so it is best to wait for the official announcement.

There will be gacha mechanics and co-op multiplayer in the game. Gacha mechanics will allow players to add heroes and items, while co-op multiplayer will allow players to play with friends.

What is the current status of the game?

Wuthering Waves, an upcoming open-world gacha RPG with rich storytelling and combat, is scheduled to release in 2024, though its confirmed date is TBA. Following a recent closed beta in February, the game has been registered on the Epic Games Store with a 2024 release window, with rumors pointing to a possible launch on May 30 (not officially confirmed). Follow the official website for the latest updates.

Do Wuthering Waves have elements?

Wuthering Waves features a combat system centered around six elements: 

  • Aero (Wind)
  • Electro (Lightning)
  • Fusion (Fire)
  • Glacio (Ice)
  • Havoc (Dark)
  • Spectro (Light)   

Each character possesses one of these elements, and strategic use of these elements is key to mastering combat. Some elements may react with each other in specific ways, but it likely doesn’t function exactly like a traditional elemental reaction system.


Wuthering Waves, with its massive open world, strategic key battles, gacha mechanics, and co-op multiplayer offers RPG fans an amazing adventure experience. Although a confirmed release date is still unknown, the latest beta and Epic Games Store registration has shown a likely launch in 2024. Keep an eye on the official channels for the latest updates and prepare to join the world of Wuthering Waves soon!

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