Is Wuthering Waves Coming on PlayStation

Forget two ships and anchors, a new storm is coming on the PlayStation skyline! Wuthering Waves, an action RPG that has rivaled Genshin Impact, is getting gamers excited with rumors of it coming to PlayStation. Official confirmation is elusive yet, but leaks, beta testing, and the developer’s own hints give us confidence that this grand adventure could soon make waves on consoles. Are you ready to join this exciting journey?

Wuthering Waves is an open-world action RPG currently in development by Kuro Game. It is set in a vibrant world with diverse environments and a rich narrative. Players take on the role of “ROVERS”, who explore the world, battle enemies, and uncover secrets. The game features action-based combat exploration and character customization.

Is Wuthering Waves Coming on PlayStation

While rumors swirl, PlayStation confirmation is still pending? There is no official confirmation of Wuthering Waves coming to PlayStation yet. Despite leaks, rumors, and glimpses in closed beta testing, developer Kuro Games has neither acknowledged nor denied the PlayStation release yet. So keep the ship ready, but it is wise to wait for an official announcement before anchoring!

What kind of combat does it have?

The combat in Wuthering Waves is fast-paced and dynamic, requiring players to master timing, combos, and resource management to be successful. Wuthering Waves ignite your opponent’s senses, allowing you to dance between enemy attacks with nimble dodges, Destroyer skill chains woven from lightning-fast combos, And fueled by the built-in resonance powerful character ultimate. Master the rhythm of war, turn strategic parries into counters, unite combos, and discover unique attacks to conquer the vast, vibrant world.


Wuthering Waves, a fantastic action RPG, can knock over the PlayStation! While the confirmation is elusive, the rumors are driven by leaks and hints. For yourself, warriors of games, exciting battles, entertaining stories and infinite quests! Stay tuned for official news and keep your controllers polished!

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