Wuthering Waves Combat System

Wuthering Waves is near the release date, creating a tremendous hoax to get all of its latest details. This game by Kuro Games is mainly based on action and adventure, that will test your abilities and patience. To prepare you ahead of the game release, we are giving you a complete description of the game’s combat system.

Attack Mechanism

The game has three characters for every composition and these characters have five attack variants: Normal, Evasion, Heavy, Plunge, and Parry.

Normal is just clicking, while the heavy attack is pressing the attack button. Tapping after a successful Dodge is an Evasion and Timed Heavy/ Normal/ Skill is Parrying. The Plunge is when you attack by tapping in the air. 

Resonance Circuits & Liberation

  • Resonance Circuits: The soundwave-like stuff above your characters’ health bar is the Resonance Circuit. These circuits are character-specific and you can know and learn about them in the Talent Tree. 

The circuit mainly helps in healing, applying buffs to the team, and buffing heavy attacks, resulting in tremendous attacks. Overall, these circuit concept makes Wuthering Wave combat interesting and fresh. 

  • Note: The information/concept may vary when the game is officially released.  
  • Resonance Liberation: It is your ultimate move that you can use and it will recharge passively. 

Concerto System 

  • Concerto Bar: This bar is above your characters’ health bar over on the left region. It is a QTE system that will allow you to switch characters and it will get charged with successful skills and attacks. 
  • Concerto Ensemble: When you swap between two different elemental characters, they react and do a Concerto Ensemble. You can do it by combining any of these four basic attacks, excluding Havoc and Spectra. 
  • Concerto Legato: It is the addition of the Havoc element to any of the remaining elements, increasing 20% damage to resonance skills for 15 seconds. Upon switching with this condition, the duration remains on the switch and becomes twice to 40% damage increase to the resonance skill. 
  • Concerto Sustenance: It is implementing the Spectra element to any other elements. This reduces time around your character, restoring 10 Concerto energy after you use it for the Switch. 

Echoes: Echoes are special abilities you can gain by defeating opponents and bosses. The Echoes provides great buffs, including the Echoes skill. 

Elements: In Wuthering Waves, you will find six elements, Fusion, Glacio, Havoc, Spectra, Aero, and Conducto

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