Wuthering Waves Available to Pre-Register on App Store

Wuthering Waves is knocking at the door and has been in the headlines. Currently, players are curious to enjoy the game as its trailers and CBTs gameplay are appreciated by many. The enriched, open world and other exciting elements make it even more famous, creating a massive hoax now. 

The immense popularity of Wuthering Waves causes players to compare it with the Genshin Impact, where overall mixed feedbacks were found while comparing them. The game had a current CBT on 18th February 2024 for Android, PC, and iPhone users, but now it is over. 

Currently, the Kuro Games declared the game’s expected release date as 23rd May 2024 on the App Store. If you are an iPhone user and haven’t pre-registered it, here are the steps you should know and follow. 

How to Pre-Register Wuthering Waves on the App Store

  • Head towards the App Store. 
  • Search ‘Wuthering Waves’ in the search bar. 
Wuthering Waves App Store
  • Tap on the Pre-Order button to pre-register it. 
  • When the game is released, you will get an automatic notification. 

Alternatively, click here to visit the game’s App Store page

Pre-Registration Rewards:

The game has a few Pre-register Milestones that will reward players with specific freebies. Until now, it has reached 5, 10, and 15 Million milestones, and the 20 Million is ongoing. The pre-registration rewards will be distributed after its official release via the in-game mail. 

  • 5 Million Goal Reward– Shell Credit x 80, 000
  • 10 Million Goal Reward– Advanced Resonance Potion x 10
  • 15 Million Goal Reward– Astrite x 200
  • 20 Million Goal Reward– Sigil: En Route x 1
  • 30 Million Goal Reward– Lustrous Tide x 20

The game is not only available for pre-registration on the App Store, but all Andriod and PC players can head towards to pre-register it. You can simply visit the game’s official website from here for an easy pre-registration journey.

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