Wuthering Waves 15 Million Pre-Register Milestones Completed

Wuthering Waves is a promising game, and it will be interesting to see how it performs when it is released. Wuthering Waves, an open-world action developed by Kuro Games, has crossed 16 million pre-registrations. This achievement is a huge success for the game, and it shows how excited the players are about this game.

In this article, We will tell you how much is the total pre-registration, about release date, and the rewards. 

Wuthering Waves Total Pre-Registration

The exact number of total pre-registrations is 16,331,070. This number is constantly growing, and the game will likely attract even more players before it is released. 16 million pre-registrations, showcasing the immense interest from gamers worldwide. This impressive number is likely to climb further as the launch date approaches.

Wuthering Waves, an open-world action role-playing game (RPG) developed and published by Kuro Games, is set to release on May 22, 2024, for PC, Android, and iOS. The game was revealed in 2022 and has undergone two Close Beta tests since then.

Wuthering Waves Rewards

Wuthering Waves Rewards is a great way to make the game more fun and engaging. The game features tiered pre-registration rewards, with even more exciting treasures unlocked as the community reaches specific milestones. Some of the fixed rewards include Shell Credits, Resonance Potion, and Astrite. all valuable resources for increasing your character’s power.

For more information about Wuthering Waves Rewards, please visit the game’s official website.

  • 5 Million Goal: Shell Credit x 80,000 (Reached)
  • 10 Million Goal: Advance Resonance Potion x 10 (Reached)
  • 15 Million Goal: Astrite x 200 (Reached)
  • 20 Million Goal: Sigil: En Route x 1 (Outgoing)
  • 30 Million Goal: Lustrous Tide x 20 (Outgoing)


With over 16 million players pre-registered and set a release date for May 22, 2024, Wuthering Waves is set to make a big splash on PC, Android, and iOS. The impressive pre-registration numbers hint at the excitement surrounding the game, and the tier reward system offers attractive bonuses for players who join the waiting list. While details about the gameplay mechanics are still under wraps, Wuthering Waves has all the makings of a captivating open-world adventure. Here’s hoping it lives up to the pre-release hype.

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