Which Game Is Better than Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves is a yet-to-be-announced action RPG by Kuro Game, getting tremendous traffic nowadays. Moreover, this appealing game is scheduled to be released on 22nd May 2024, where you will be a Rover, and join a cast of diverse and unique characters. However, nowadays, players are comparing Wuthering Waves to Genshin Impact, getting clarity on which is better. 

The Wuthering Waves has incredible soundtracks and visuals, loved by the players. But, some players said this game looks identical to the Genshin and maybe even more great than it. Besides, Genshin Impact is already a famous game that can get great competition from Wuthering Waves. 

However, a few stated that the character movement in Genshin Impact is organic, while others said that the difference between these two games is in appearance and name. Wuthering Waves seems to be simple and not very colorful with good optimization like PGR. 

In addition, the air combos and faster wall-climbing features within characters make the experience more easy and cool. Overall, Wuthering Waves is getting tremendous attention because of appealing trailers and gameplay clips, and will be a good option to play upon release.

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