Taoqi Material (Iris) Best Farming Guide

The excitement surrounding “Wuthering Waves” can be gauged by its pre-registration numbers. The game garnered tremendous appreciation prior to its global release due to its impressive storyline, graphics, animations, and characters known as Resonators. Taoqi is among the Resonators prominently featured in “Wuthering Waves.”

To enhance this Resonator, you’ll need to acquire the Iris, a vital Ascension material. This material typically aids Resonators in leveling up and becoming stronger, thereby enabling you to easily overcome formidable enemies. Therefore, this blog will prove helpful if you intend to level up Taoqi once the game is released.

Best Iris Farming Guide 

  • The majority of the Iris can be found in the Whining Aix’s Mire region. 
  • While in parts of Desorock Islands and Jinzhou, you will discover Iris scattered.
  • You can head towards the Pharmacy Store of Jinzhou Main City and interact with Koko to purchase the material. 
  • Up to 15 Iris can be bought from the store.

Taoqi and Iris Overview 

Taoqi Overview

  • Taoqi is an SR and 4-star Havoc element Resonator who frequently proves to be a supportive individual. 
  • She uses a Broadblade-type weapon and is known as a trusted elder sister and friend to many in Jinzhou. 
  • Most of her skills deal Havoc damage to the enemies. 

Taoqi Base Stats 

Level 1:

  • HP: 716
  • ATK: 18
  • DEF: 128
  • CRIT Rate: 5%
  • CRIT DMG: 150%

Note: We have mentioned the stats and overview of Taoqi according to the CBT tests. 

The Iris is a cooking material of Wuthering Waves that can be used to ascend some Resonators such as Taoqi and Calcharo. These exclusive items can be found scattered throughout the world map.

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