Encore Material (Pecok Flower) Best Farming Guide

In “Wuthering Waves,” numerous characters and materials enhance your journey, adding to the thrill. One of the standout Resonators gaining tremendous limelight currently is Encore, sparking excitement among players eager to learn more about her. As players progress to certain levels, Encore requires specific components, such as ascension materials, to further her leveling up.

For Encore, the Pecok Flower is a crucial Ascension material that enhances her power and enables her to confront formidable enemies. Therefore, this guide will provide comprehensive information about one of the Ascension materials: the Pecok Flower.

Best Pecok Flower Farming Guide 

  • You can get the Pecok Flower by heading towards the West and northeast regions of the Central Plains.
  • The flower can be collected from Koko, the Shifang Pharmacy Manager, at the Jinzhou Main City. 
  • You can purchase up to 15 flowers from the vendor. 

Encore and Pecok Flower Overview 

Encore Overview

  • Encore is a 5-Star Fusion element character using the Rectifying weapon in battles. 
  • She has a vibrant personality and likes sharing her friendship tales. 
  • Cosmos and Cloudy are her two companions which helps her in the journey.  
  • Her basic, passive, and concerto attacks mostly deal Fusion damage to the enemies. 

Encore Base Stats 

Level 1:

  • HP: 841
  • ATK: 34
  • DEF: 102
  • CRIT Rate: 5%
  • CRIT DMG: 150%

Note: All information on the Encore is collected from the CBT and it can change after the game’s official release. 

In Wuthering Waves, Pecok Flower is a food ingredient that will help you ascend some Resonators, including Encore. The flower is an important material for cooking and can be found on specific spots on the map. 

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