Wuthering Waves 5 Star Echo & Astrites Events

The craze of Wuthering Waves has been increasing day by day as it is near the official release on 22nd May 2024. The pre-registration is available for the game which rewards players with exclusive rewards upon reaching milestones.

Currently, the game’s pre-launch event, Wuthering Waves Echo Summon Event is the main attraction for the players. So, here you will get to know all about the event, including the missions.

Wuthering Waves Echo Summon Event

Wuthering Waves 5 Star Echo & Astrites Events
  • Please visit here to participate in the Echo Summon Event.
  • The ongoing event is available from the 29th of May at 18:00 (UTC+8) till the 6th of June at 18:00 (UTC+8). 
  • You need to complete missions to get chances/attempts to summon Echoes.

Note: Before you dream of claiming the 5-Star Echoes and Astrites, you must log in using the same email you used for pre-registration.

Echo Summon Event Missions: 

Wuthering Waves 5 Star Echo & Astrites Events Missions

There are 2 types of missions that you will notice in the Missions tab.

  • Daily- Here you will have to log in to the event page, share Echo Gift Cards, invite friends, and the webpage event, for summon attempts. 
  • Special- Missions in this section are pre-registering, inviting friends, and following them on social media platforms, including X, Twitter, YouTube, Discord, TikTok, etc. 
Wuthering Waves 5 Star Echo & Astrites Events Echo Gallery

All the summoned units will be shown in the Backpack section and the Echo Gallery shows all the Echoes available. 

Getting Astrite and Other Rewards

Collecting enough Echoes will give you several unique rewards, like EXP Potion, Astrite, and Shell Credits. 

  • Collect 6 different Echoes: 50 Astrites.
  • Collect 12 different Echoes: 3 Advanced Resonance Potions and 3 Advanced Energy Cores.
  • Collect 18 different Echoes: 50 Astrites.
  • Collect 24 different Echoes: 2 Advanced Seal Tubes and 20, 000 Shell Credit.
  • Collect 30 different Echoes: 30, 000 Shell Credit.

Note: The rewards will be given via mailbox upon reaching Union Level 8. 

Echo Summoning and Reserving:

Summoning Echo

Every summon will give you one Echo, costing one attempt. Here are the drop rates of Echoes with different rarity. 

  • 5-Star Echo: 8% Drop Rate
  • 4-Star Echo: 20% Drop Rate
  • 3-Star Echo: 30% Drop Rate
  • 2-Star Echo: 42% Drop Rate

You can gain additional Echoes through Echo Redemption where you need to scan the QR or click the link from Echo Gift cards. The chance to get an Echo through the Echo Redemption is mentioned below.

  • 5-Star Echo: 30% Drop Rate
  • 4-Star Echo: 70% Drop Rate
  • 3-Star Echo: 100% Drop Rate
  • 2-Star Echo: 100% Drop Rate

Note: You can share up to 5 cards per day and redeem up to 5 cards shared by other players. 

Reserving Echo

You can choose an Echo to be reserved for claiming after the game release. 

Wuthering Waves 5 Star Echo & Astrites Events Reserving Echo
  • Head towards the backpack section and tap on the ‘Select’ button. 
  • Finally, click on the ‘Lock’ button on the default event page to reserve the selected echo.

Note: The reserved Echo will be rewarded via mailbox after you reach Union Level 8.

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