In Wuthering Waves, there are many Echoes, among them, the rarest are Phantom (Shiny) Echoes, which can be difficult for most players to hunt. In this guide, you will learn how you can obtain Phantom Shiny Echoes.

How to Get Phantom (Shiny) Echoes

Here we have shared some simple techniques for hunting that you can follow.

Purchase Game Points from the Store

The easiest way to obtain Phantom (Shiny) Echoes is by purchasing Game Points from the Shop Store, such as Deep Records Tokens or Drill Data Sets special tokens. However, this may require you to spend real money.

To obtain Deep Records Tokens, you need to go to the Tower of Adversity and battle enemies there. After defeating them, you can receive Deep Records Tokens as a reward. For Drill Data Set special tokens, you have to complete Hologram Challenges, which you can do with your team.

Explore Worldmap each Location

To obtain Shiny Phantom Echoes, you need to explore the Worldmap and battle bosses or enemies. You can go to any location randomly and battle. After winning battles, Shiny Phantom Echoes can be dropped. So, all you have to do is keep exploring until you find the Shiny Echoes.