In Wuthering Waves, Cost Combinations are very important as they help players obtain powerful Echoes. In this guide, you will learn about Cost Combinations and how to increase Cost.

Best Echo Cost Combinations

In the game, there are 3 types of Echoes with costs of 4, 3, and 1. The 4-Cost Echoes are rare and difficult to obtain, but you can get 1-Cost Echoes through battle drops. For the best combination, you’ll need one 4-Cost Echo, two 3-Cost Echoes, and two 1-Cost Echoes.

  • One 4-Cost Echo
  • Two 3-Cost Echoes
  • Two 1-Cost Echoes

This way, you can build a powerful Echoes setup that will help you in battles and make quest completion easier. However, along with building your Echoes, you also need to focus on building your character.

How to Increase Cost

For building this strong Cost Combinations setup, you’ll need a requirement of 12 Cost. To achieve this, you have to increase the level of your Data Bank and absorb Echoes. It will take quite some time, so you just need to keep exploring the game.