Characters Stats

Here, you can compare the stats of all the characters in Wuthering Waves and select characters based on that. You can estimate the abilities of each character through these stats.

NameHPATKDEFMax Energy
Verina Verina142383381100175
Jianxin Jianxin141133381124150
Baizhi Baizhi128132131002175
Yinlin Yinlin110004001283125
Encore Encore105134251246125
Aalto Aalto98502631075150
Calcharo Calcharo105004381185125
Danjin Danjin94382631149100
Jiyan Jiyan104884381185125
Lingyang Lingyang103884381210125
Mortefi Mortefi100252501136125
Rover Rover114003751369125
Sanhua Sanhua10063275941100
Taoqi Taoqi89502251564125
Yangyang Yangyang102002501100100
Yuanwu Yuanwu85252251637125