Is Wuthering Waves an MMO

Since players got the arrival of Wuthering Waves, they turned excited to know if the game is an open-world MMO. So, today, through this post we will help you to know whether WW is an MMO. 

It was found that the technical tests gameplay revealed that the game is single-player for now. Over Reddit, many users said that Wuthering Waves is focused on individual gaming experiences. The developers will include Co-Op for some modes suitable for the game. 

After the CBTs, players became confused about deciding on its exact introduction. Some said that the game is an MMO, while others pointed out the Co-Op will be like Genshin or PGR.  However, since the developers indicated the game is an MMO, it is said that it is only a single-player. 

Many seemed to agree that the game is not an MMO as they want a single-player same as the Genshin and skill-based combat like PGR. Some Reddit users mentioned that they like solo and don’t like to do a forced Co-Op with unknown players, so it is better to be a single-player. Overall, the game is not an MMO, but it can have a Co-Op option depending on the players’ reaction.

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